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Campaign Categories - ¡Bravo! Awards

Agency of the Year

The Agency of the Year award recognizes an agency that successfully demonstrates key industry contributions externally, through the programs they develop for clients, and internally, for their commitment to growing, supporting, and rewarding their staff. Judges will consider practices and results related to business growth, employee retention, and talent development. (The submitting agency must enter a campaign in at least one other category.)


B2B Campaign

Campaigns within industries, impacting any business sector.


Campaign of the Year

Campaigns or programs that have excelled and stood out above all others. (The campaign must be entered in two or more categories.)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communications Campaign

Campaigns aimed at promoting and enhancing an organization’s corporate social responsibility programs or corporate citizenship in communities in which the sponsoring organization has an interest, need or opportunity.


Digital or Media Platform PR Program

Use of digital media platforms as the focus or as part of a public relations program to reach Hispanic/Latino audiences. This category looks at campaigns that successfully leverage tools such as a website, text message campaign, podcasts, blogs/vlogs, social media, etc. of the PR program or campaign to drive their messages. Submissions should explain why this medium was selected and demonstrate how the campaign strategy, research, and execution successfully worked to reach and influence Hispanic/Latino audiences. Metrics for successful digital engagement should be included. 


**For campaigns focused on the launch of technology software or hardware, please submit under the technology category. 


Fashion & Beauty Campaign

Campaigns or programs designed to promote new or existing fashion and/or beauty products or services to Hispanic/Latino audiences.


Film, Music & Entertainment

Campaigns or programs related to the entertainment industry to promote new or existing productions or events to Hispanic/Latino audiences.


Food & Beverage

Programs designed to promote existing or new food and/or beverages products or services, including alcoholic beverages, to Hispanic/Latino audiences.


Healthcare & Nutrition

Campaigns or programs designed to promote new or existing healthcare or nutrition programs, products, events, brands or issues to Hispanic/Latino audiences.


In-House Team Of The Year

Internal teams to be recognized for their stellar work in developing programs that are inclusive of Hispanic/Latino audiences. 


Influencer Engagement 

Campaigns or programs engaging one or more social media influencers to deliver and engage Hispanic/Latino audiences. 


Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

Campaigns or programs incorporating an integrated marketing mix, including advertising, promotions, marketing, social media or public relations. Campaigns must have a public relations component and one more of the other disciplines.


Internal Communications Program

Campaigns or programs targeted specifically to internal publics, such as employees, members and affiliated stakeholders, designed to create system-wide alignment for business initiatives or brand messaging.


Latin America Campaign

Campaigns or programs executed to impact the audience in Latin America (including Brazil).


LGBTQ+ Campaign

Campaigns or programs to reach or support LGBTQ+ communities across one or more audiences. The campaign or program does not have to be specific to Hispanic/Latino audiences.


Media/Virtual Event 

One-time program of limited duration developed to attract attention or promote communications to live or virtual Hispanic/Latino audiences. Includes product launches, openings, press conferences, celebrations, premieres, anniversaries, kick-offs or other special observances. 


Multicultural PR Program

PR campaigns, marketing communications or community relations programs designed for two or more cultural groups, including BIPOC audiences, LGBTQ+ communities and others. 


New Product/Service Launch

Campaigns or programs designed to introduce and promote new products or services to Hispanic/Latino audiences. Entries are judged on results directly tied to most effective use and return on budget.


Non-Profit Campaign

Campaigns or programs conducted by non-profit organizations and/or their agencies designed for Hispanic/Latino audiences to promote awareness and generate funding and goodwill.


Public Affairs Campaign

Campaigns or programs designed to influence public policy and/or affect legislation, regulations, or political activities at the local, state or federal government levels.


Public Education

Campaigns or programs to educate Hispanic/Latino audiences about an issue affecting the community.


Social Equity

Campaigns, programs or events that drive social change around the inequities in society’s judicial, educational, healthcare, financial and social constructs. Examples may include work focused on racial justice, equal pay, health equity or media representation and can be focused on one or more audiences, not exclusively Hispanic/Latino audiences. 



Campaigns or programs related to the sports industry to promote new or existing products/services/events to Hispanic/Latino audiences.



Campaigns or programs that effectively and creatively used a technology tool  to launch a new product or digital platform artificial intelligence or emerging technology to reach Hispanic/Latino audiences. Examples may include the use of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and more. Submissions should explain why this technology was selected and demonstrate how the campaign strategy, research and execution successfully worked to reach and influence Hispanic/Latino publics.


HPRA reserves the right to recategorize entries based on suitability. Entrants will be notified of any recategorizations.